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Ex-Irvine Charger Malik McMorris TD against Oregon State.

Malik McMorris touchdown against Oregon State.

Ex-Irvine Charger Malik McMorris TD against Oregon State.

This was his first college touchdown (incredible since he's a 300 lb Hback).  Ex-Irvine Charger Malik McMorris touchdown against Oregon State.  Game was played Saturday and final score was 54-24. Cal crushed Oregon! 
Malik's younger brothers Hakim and Patrick, Jr. went through The Irvine Charger Program as well (Hakim and Patrick, Jr.). Hakim is back east and is a sophomore playing high school football and Patrick, Jr. is a freshman this year at Godinez Fundamental High School, Santa Ana. Patrick, Jr. suited up for varsity this past Friday for Godinez' first CIF game of the season-Godinez beat Westminster 49-48.
Ex- Irvine Charger Malik Morris of CAL for the TD

Ex-Irvine Charger Malik McMorris TD against Oregon State.

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  • JM Anthony Hakai with the tackle and Michael Cox blocking
  • JM Jaden Allen and Garrett Riley going in for the tackle

Game # 7 - Chargers improve their standings in week 7

  • JFL #22 Jeremiah Williams, #10 Iler King, #1 Troy Bautista and Nader Chalan chase down Packer running back
  • JM FV Branton Lucas running the ball
  • JM Garrett Riley running the ball while Isaac Jones blocks
  • JM Ryan Manalili with the stiff-arm (2)

Chargers go 5-4 in week # 5

  • CL B Sersansie with a QB keeper
  • CL B #20 Symons with the stiff arm
  • JM @ FV Jacob Kim making the block and Jaden Allen running the ball
  • JM @ FV Chase Zanck gaining some yards
  • JM Garrett Riley running the ball while Isaac Jones blocks
  • JM @ FV Branton Lucas running the ball

Chargers Fight Through Week 6

  • CL Blue Tunis Lane El Runs for a TD
  • CL Blue Charlie Hunt Runs for yardage
  • JM Branton Lucas shakes off a MV tackle and heads for the end zone
  • JM Chargers taking down a Cowboy including Max Tipple
  • JM Isaac Jones taking down the MV ball carrier
  • JM Jaden Allen & Noah Hutchinson with the sack
  • JM Jake Coleman making the tackle
  • JM Mitch Lee running for the end zone
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Game # 4 Photos - Chargers go 4-4 in week 4, but still fighting!

  • JM GG Anthony Hakai Runniing the Ball
  • JM GG Branton Lucas Running the Ball and Ethan Duong Blocking
  • JM GG Garrett Riley Running the Ball
  • JM GG Jaden Allen Running the Ball
  • JPW DT Achilles Campos with the tackle
  • JPW RB Quincy Craig for the TD
  • JPW WR Kylen Allen with a catch for a TD

Week # 3 Irvine Chargers go 8 - 1 !!!

Game # 3 Photos

  • JPW QB Ryder Trujillo falls back to throw a 1st down to Michael Matthews
  • JPW Tahkari Carr for a TD
  • JPW Kicker David Bailey for the extra points
  • JPW Kassius Ashtiani for a sack and TD
  • JM Michael Metcalf Making the Tackle
  • JM Koby Robins and Isaac Jones Taking Down a Bear
  • JM Ezra Aguirre Making the Tackle
  • JM Anthony Hakai Heading for a Touchdown
  • Trajen Odom scores a TD against the Bellflower Broncos
  • Madden Williams returns the Broncos kick off back for a TD


The Irvine Chargers Youth Football & Cheer Organization aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic program that provides

a high-quality experience to every athlete. A high-quality experience is one in which every athlete:

  • Is coached in a positive way
  • Enjoys the game/competition
  • Feels like an important part of the team
  • Learns "Life Lessons" that have value beyond the game/competition
  • Learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the sport & improves as a participant
  • Competes at a level matching their ability & experience


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