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The objectives of Irvine Youth Football and Cheer (“IYF&C”) include the development of self-discipline, self confidence, physical fitness, good citizenship, and sound character. We seek to bring our youth and our community close together through the means of a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play, and fellowship. We seek to provide a fun, safe and supervised environment for our young people to learn the proper techniques of football and cheer. At all times we seek to keep the welfare of the children first and foremost. To achieve our objectives, all adults connected with or who participate in IYF&C must adhere to the following standards of conduct as it pertains to any interaction with coaches, football players, cheerleaders, officials, IYF&C board members and staff, and other parents involved in the program. By registering a child for which you are the responsible adult, you agree that you and all  other responsible adults associated with your child, will abide by the Charger Code of Conduct. Please read the Charger Code of Conduct and acknowledge your agreement by signing below.  Your child will not be considered registered without a signed acknowledgment.

Charger Code of Conduct

  1. I will remember that as an adult associated with IYF&C I have a unique and privileged opportunity to be a positive influence on the lives of our children.  I will not squander that opportunity.
  2. I will remember that the members of the opposing team are children that deserve - and may well need - caring attention and encouragement from a responsible adult like me.
  3. I agree that I will not publicly  argue with or disparage game officials, the opposing team, the opposing coaches or fans.
  4. I agree that I will not use abusive or profane language before any person connected with the football or cheerleading program during any football or cheerleading activities.
  5. I will not physically or verbally abuse anyone in the program.
  6. I will not seek to undermine the authority of the coaching staff or IYF&C officials.
  7. I will set an appropriate example by my conduct at all times in front of all persons connected with the football or cheerleading program.
  8. I will not use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs,  at any IYF&C practice, game or function, nor will I attend such practice, game or function while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  9. I will remember that winning at all costs is not a message we wish to impart to our youth.  Instead, we want them to have fun, play safe, and learn sportsmanship.
  10. I agree that I will not publicly argue with or disparage football players, cheerleaders, coaches or IYF&C officials.

The violation of any portion of these rules relating to the Charger Code of Conduct will subject the violating individual to any one or all of the following penalties: 

  1. Disqualification from coaching or taking part in any of the administrative duties of an IYF&C football team or cheerleading squad.  The may be for a game, games, season, post-season, or ineligibility for any future period of time. 
  2. The participating player or cheerleader who is related to the adult in violation of rule or rules contained in the Charger Code of Conduct may be suspended from the team for any number of game or games;  may be placed on probation; or may be disbarred from further participation in IYF&C programs.

If a complaint is registered with IYF&C regarding an alleged violation of the Code of Conduct, it will be investigated initially by the Chapter President.  If the Chapter President, in his or her sole discretion, determines that there is some minimum amount of evidence that the Charger Code of Conduct has been violated, the offending adult will receive written notice of the alleged violation and will be invited to attend a regular or specially-called meeting of the IYF&C Board of Directors upon not less than 48 hours’ telephonic notice.  At the meeting, the allegations against the offending individual will be presented, and the offending individual will thereafter have the opportunity to present evidence to the contrary or to refute the allegations.  No hearing shall be conducted for a period of time in excess of one (1) hour.  At the conclusion of the hearing, all individuals with the exception of the Directors of IYF&C will be excused from the room.  Thereafter, the Directors of IYF&C will consider the matter in Executive Session and will render a written decision within ten (10) days.  The written decision of the Board of Directors of IYF&C will be final.  The written decision will specify the date upon which any disqualification, suspension, probation, or disbarment will take place, as well as the end date of the penalty, if any.
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