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We are Irvine Youth Football & Cheer (IYF&C). We are an Irvine based non-profit corporation dedicated to bringing the benefits of competitive football and cheer to the children of Irvine. We provide opportunities for children ages 5 to 13 to participate in competitive football and cheerleading. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers, most of whom have children in our football and cheer programs. We have sponsored football in Irvine since 1971, so long that now some of our alumni have children in our program and serve as coaches or board members. Our teams are known as the Irvine Chargers.

This season, we are hoping to field 9 football teams with over 200 players. We offer regulation tackle football in full football gear for ages 5-14. 

We are a member of the SYFL, the Snoop Youth Football League. 


IYF&C is a competitive football program. We believe in providing a safe, exciting and fun experience for all players at all levels. The number of teams is dependent on the the number of athletes and coaches at each level. 

We sponsor football teams at several different divisions based on ages. The football divisions, from youngest to oldest, are Future League, Junior Clinic, Senior Clinic, Junior Pee Wee, Pee Wee and Junior.

Age is determined by reference to July 31 of each year. By way of example, a player who will turn 13 in August is treated as a 12-year old for football purposes.


**** Please see the Equipment Tab for more details******


Practice will begin officially on July 30th. Practices will usually be held five days each week for two hours per day, until school starts. Saturday practices or scrimmages are at the discretion of your coach.

Week 1
Players will wear shorts, T-shirts and football shoes. Practice will consist of non-contact conditioning drills and skill evaluations. Each player must provide his own athletic football shoes and socks. IYF&C will provide shorts and a T-shirt as part of a "spirit pack," the cost of which is included in participation fees. Players may not wear football gear or engage in contact drills until they have completed at least 10 hours of supervised conditioning.

Week 2
Qualifying players will wear football gear and have limited contact with tackling dummies and shields. IYF&C will issue football gear on an announced schedule preceding the second week of practice. There will be no "man on man" contact during the second week of practice.

Week 3
Players will wear football gear and engage in full contact drills. The first scrimmage is usually scheduled at the end of the third week.


Commencing on the Saturday at the end of the third week of practice, teams may scrimmage against other teams in the same age and weight division. A team may have a maximum of five scrimmages in the pre-season. Most Head Coaches schedule scrimmages and they may be at other locations. Head Coaches will announce the day, time, and location of scrimmages as they are arranged. The information will also be published on the individual teams web site.

During Season

After the first regular season game, practices will be limited to three nights per week for two hours each night. Unless otherwise advised by the Head Coach, players wear football gear to practice. Practices will generally end between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Practice Locations

Practice Locations are held at Heritage Park (Yale & Walnut). 

Practice Participation Critical

We cannot overemphasize the importance of participating in practices. We stress individual player development and commitment to the team. Precious practice time is spent conditioning, learning and practicing individual skills, and learning and practicing team plays. All of these activities are critical to a player’s individual growth and the team as a whole.

Head Coaches may establish policies regarding participation in practice. These policies will be announced by each Head Coach but unexcused absences will have consequences, including becoming ineligible to play in football games and dismissal from the program.


The Irvine Chargers play football against teams sponsored by our sister organizations. The various teams are organized into leagues based on a lottery.

Teams generally play an eight game schedule followed by single elimination playoffs leading to the Championship games and beyond.

All regular games will be played on Saturdays or Sundays. Home games will be played at the Irvine Chargers home field - Irvine Stadium - where the high school varsity teams play and Irvine High School. Home games usually start at 9a, 11a, 1p, 3p, 5p. and 7p, with the younger teams generally having the earlier start times and the older teams having the later start times. 

Away games are generally at the same times except a few chapters have lighted stadiums and may host night games. Our web site and the 2018 Official Schedule (to be issued by SYFL after the start of practice) provide maps to the other teams’ fields.

Players must arrive in time for equipment check which is scheduled an hour before the start of the game. Equipment Check is the process during which SYFL certified officials check players equipment.

It is important to know that some travel is involved and distances can be as much as a 80 miles round trip. Our games may be played in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County.

Before you register your child, make sure that you completely understand the travel requirements and the importance of your child's total participation in every event, home and away.

The dates, times and locations of games is determined by SYFL. Final game schedules will be available before the first regular season game. Final game schedules will also be available on individual team web sites.


Physicals are required for all football players. IYF&C is bound by the rules of SYFL.  

No player shall be registered or certified if he/she has not attained and does not sustain a sound physical condition. The attainment of a asound physical condition shall be attested by a duly qualified Physician or Chiropractor on the proper SYFL form which shall remain in the file with SYFL. No player is permitted to enter into any type of physical training without first obtaining health certification.

IYF&C arranges for physicals to be performed at a date and time to be determined. There is an additional cost for the physical examination that is payable on physical day. Please refer to the Calendar for the date, time and location.

If you cannot attend this event, or if you wish to have the examination performed by a personal physician, the examination will be at your expense. If a private physical is performed, the physician must complete and sign the SYFL player contract and all physicals must be no more than 6 months old. Please contact your the league Player Agent for additional information. Their email can be found on the Board of Directors listing.


A player contract will be typed by a chapter official using information derived from applications. The information must be correct and may not be altered. The entire contract must be retyped if any changes are required. Please, as a courtesy to our all-volunteer staff, make every effort to ensure that your application is complete and accurate. As part of the registration process, each player is required to obtain a State Issued ID card via the DMV. We also require two original proofs of residence (utility bills). The parent whose name is on the utility bills must be the one who signs the contract.


Certification is the process by which prospective player’s qualifications to participate are verified. Certification takes place on Certification Day. Please refer to the Calendar for the date, time and location.

Every chapter involved in SYFL participates in Certification Day so literally thousands of players will go through the process on that single day.

Please refer to the Calendar for dates, times and locations.

If a player does not certify by the final make-up certification opportunity, the player will be dropped from the program.


We are a non-profit organization and budget to operate on essentially a break even basis. While we sponsor football and cheer programs, football is separately and independently budgeted. To make the program as affordable as possible, we re-use equipment each year and engage in various fund raising activities. Our expenses every year include, among others: (1) replacing uniforms and equipment as necessary, (2) reconditioning and re-certifying helmets and shoulder pads, (3) team and individual pictures, (4) team fees payable to SYFL (our umbrella organization) that cover insurance, referees, supplies and other costs, (5) individual trophies, (6) field and facilities use, and (7) general & administrative expenses.

All of our board members, officers, coaches and team moms are volunteers and none of them are compensated for the hundreds of hours they devote to our program.

Participation Fees
Participation fees are $495 for Tackle division players. Payments in full due by physical day, scheduled for month of May. Participation fees include $100 in raffle tickets.

We provide the raffle tickets as a way to offset the cost to participants. You may sell the raffle tickets and keep the money raised or keep the raffle tickets and take your chance of winning any of several prizes awarded when the drawing is held. For families with more than one participant in the program, only one set of raffle tickets will be issued per family. 

We conduct the raffle at our Annual Pep Rally, time, location and date to be determined. The Pep Rally is immediately following Certification. 

Please note that before a player will be considered registered in our program, all fees must be paid in full. Partial payments will only be accepted if approved by the Board of Directors.


***All returned checks will be charged a $25 NSF fee. In addition, any family presenting a check that is returned for Non Sufficient Funds will be required to pay via Cashiers Check, Cash, Credit Card or Money Order for all future seasons***

The Irvine Chargers are one of the few chapters that offers a refund policy. Refunds will be issued in the following circumstances:

·         Refunds WILL NOT be given for raffle tickets.

·         If IYF&C is unable to field a team at a particular division, a full refund of registration fees will be given to everyone signed up for that team.

·         A prospective player on a waiting list will be entitled to a full refund of registration fees upon request at any time. Please contact the Treasurer to request a refund.

·         If a player drops prior to Physical Day (see Charger Website for specific date in Mid-June), the refund will be the registration fee less a $25 processing fee. 

·         If a player drops after Physical Day (see Charger Website for specific date in Mid-June), the refund will be the registration fee less a $25 processing fee and the cost of the issued spirit wear $30.00. 

·         Between the first day of practice and the last day of the third week, the refund amount will be $220 ($495 less $25 processing, less $100 for raffle tickets which are included in registration and which you may sell to offset some of your fees, and less $150 for the league equipment fee).

·         If a player is cut from a team, the refund will be $250 for tackle;  

·         No refund will be given with respect to a player dropping or being cut after August 5.

·         Refunds WILL NOT be given for raffle tickets.

·         Please note, all refunds are subject to a $25 administrative fee.

·         Checks will be cut at the monthly IYFC Board meetings, which are typically held the second week of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS.

In all circumstances, all league-issued football equipment must be returned before any refund will be paid. This includes helmet, shoulder pads, Guardian Cap, practice jersey and any other articles supplied by the league. We depend on the return of football equipment to support other players who participate and to minimize the cost of participation.


Our goal is to provide an opportunity for every Irvine youth who wants to play football to do so. Unfortunately, our ability to accommodate players is not unlimited and we may not be able to accept every prospective player. SYFL rules limit the number of players per team; additionally the availability of coaching staffs, field space and football equipment all impact how many players we can serve. Nevertheless, we endeavor to serve as many players as we can.

SYFL rules establish a maximum of of 33 certified players on any other level team.

If we have at least 50 applicants for a particular team, we will attempt to establish a second team. Our ability to do so will depend on securing a coaching staff and practice fields, among other things.


An application must be completed for every prospective football player. An application must be accompanied by payment in full of the participation costs. Register online at the website by clicking on the link (preferred).

Volunteers Are Critical
Simply put, our program would not exist without volunteers. We do not compensate any of our volunteers, including coaches, board members and team moms, yet they and many others devote a substantial amount of their time and energy to support our youth sports program.

For example, consider the time our coaches devote. They attend 10 hours of practice per week during pre-season and attend SYFL  and IYF&C meetings and training sessions. During the season, they participate in 6 hours of practice per week and attend games every Saturday. On top of this, most coaches spend additional time each week preparing for games by participating in coaches’ meetings, reviewing game films and scouting upcoming opponents. They also spend time talking with parents and their players outside of practice and helping IYF&C with activities such as fundraising.

This year we will serve approximately 200 Irvine children from the time practices begin in late July until the season ends with the Super Bowls and all-conference games in mid-December.

Here are some examples of jobs for which we need volunteers:

Snack Bar 
We operate a snack bar at every home game. Snack bar profits are an important source of revenue for our program. The snack bar is set-up and staffed by volunteers. The snack bar is conveniently located to provide a view of the game and offers a great opportunity to meet and talk with other members of the Charger family. Each team is assigned a particular Saturday to work. You may be scheduled to work your shift during your players game. We do our best to avoid this, but due to staffing, we cannot guarantee this. If you have children on multiple teams, you will be asked to work for each team. The shifts are 3-4 hours in length, but may be longer pending need. Should you wish to buy out of your shift, the buyout must be done by the Thursday prior to your shift at the cost of $100. If you fail to show for your scheduled shift without buying out, you will be assessed a $150 fine or your child must sit out the following week of practice and their next scheduled game.

Team Mom/Manager

This is a critical position on each team. The Team Mom, just like a mom at home, has too many responsibilities to list. Among other things, she keeps the team roster, organizes and motivates other team volunteers, knows or gets the answer to every question, makes sure parents know what they need to know and arranges team activities. The Team Mom acts as the link between parents and the team’s coach. State ID required for this position.

Team Equipment Manager
The Team Equipment Manager helps with the issuance and collection of football equipment (i.e., helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, pants, etc.). He also is the custodian of the team box that has tools, spare parts and first aid supplies. Among other things, he may replace a broken chin strap or repair a broken helmet snap. The Team Equipment Manager must attend every game.

Chain Gang
The Chain Gang works the chains during the game, which provides the best view in the house.

Article Writer
The Team Media person writes a short and concise, yet thrilling and engaging, article about each game that is published in the Irvine World News and posted on the Irvine Charger individual team web site. The Team Media person may also post pictures on the web site.

Time Clock
Volunteers operate the scoreboard at each game. This involves starting and stopping the game clock and recording the score.

Team Photographer
The team photographer takes pictures at games and events for players, their families, the yearbook and posting on our website. State ID will be required for this position.

Volunteering can be rewarding. You get the chance to interact with other Irvine Charger family members and to contribute to the program. Without volunteers, we do not have a program and no football players or cheerleaders. Please do your part!


Football is a sport that requires the full attendance of the team in order to practice and play successfully. In fairness to those players that attend every practice and to the team which cannot function well without all of its players, the Irvine Chargers has the following attendance policy:
Excessive absences and/or tardiness will result in the player missing some or all of their playing time in the following game if they accumulate 3 or more “points” during that game week or, 4 or more points in the two weeks prior to the game. The points are assigned as follows:

·         Absence – 2 Points

·         Tardy – 1 Point

·         Exceptions can include at the discretion of the Head Coach:

·         Family Emergency

·         Mandatory School Event, such as Outdoor Education Week

·         An Injury or Sickness if player attends practices on the sideline or in a diminished capacity

While academic excellence is at the heart of the Irvine Chargers program, it is expected that players will maintain their homework outside of practice hours and missing practice to make up homework is not considered an exception. Balancing schoolwork with practice is part of the process in being a student-athlete.

The Irvine Chargers Board of Directors reserves the right to change or modify this policy at its discretion.


There should be no late pickups as a responsible adult is required to be at the field with the participant at all times. IYF&C is not a baby-sitting service. It is important that parents or guardians attend practices.

If for some reason, you cannot attend practice, please promptly pick up your child at the conclusion of practice. Our coaches and team moms volunteer an enormous amount of their time to teaching and training our football players. None of them are compensated for the contributions they make to the program. Please respect their personal time by picking up your player promptly at the end of practice. Unfortunately, some parents have not always done so. Accordingly, we have established the following policy to encourage parents to pick up their players on time:

If pick up is more than 10 minutes late, we will attempt to reach the person listed as the emergency contact on your application to pick up the child.

 If pick up is more than 15 minutes late and we have not received a phone call from you or reached your emergency contact, we will assume that something has happened and you are not able to pick up your player. At this time the Athletic Director and the President will be called and they will contact the local police department to assist in locating you.
If IYF&C has found it necessary or appropriate to contact the Police Department to assist in locating a responsible adult, a $25 fine will be imposed. The fine must be paid before the child will be allowed to participate in any IYF&C activity.
Three instances of picking up your player late will be grounds to drop your player from the program without any refund.

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